Clinical coding education & training

The Mamco team delivers tailored clinical coding and audit training and education to your clinical coding team or audit team.

Clinical coding education

Have you had an internal or external contract coding audit that has highlighted areas that require coding education, but don’t have the resources internally?

Our clinical coders can provide coding education on the following topics:

  • Application of the Australian coding standards (ACS)
  • Changes to the classification editions
  • Application of Coding Rules and state advice
  • Interpretation of grouping and cost weights.

Coding education can be provided on a monthly basis or ad hoc as required.

Clinical coding training

Do you have a new clinical coder on your team that needs to be trained and don’t have a Coding Educator or Coding Manager to train them?

We can support your new coding graduate through our tailored clinical coding training program.

Each coding training program will be structured to incorporate the core specialities at your health service and our experienced team will guide the coder through each episode.

Providing structured and clear feedback on all coding changes will ensure that the coder is competent in their understanding of:

  • Australian Coding Standards
  • Index conventions
  • Tabular convention
  • Abstraction of clinical information
  • Documentation queries.

Alternatively, contact Mamco to take care of all your medical coding services, from on-site and remote contract clinical coding to optimisation sampling and clinical coding audit reports.