Coding audit optimisation sample

Optimisation Audit Sampler

Have you been asked by an Executive to conduct a coding optimisation audit and don’t know where you should start? The Mamco team has combined their knowledge of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs), funding models and cost weight calculators to develop a coding audit optimisation sampler.

Our Optimisation Audit Sampler will ensure a substantial return on your investment, and reduce the number of episodes that need to be audited.

The Optimisation Audit Sampler is compatible with:

  • DRG version 9.0
  • WIES – Weighted Inlier Equivalent Separations
  • QWAU – Queensland Weighted Activity Unit
  • NWAU – National Weighted Activity Unit.

The tool will receive your monthly episode data via our secure portal, and will generate a list of episodes that should be audited for funding optimisation. It also can identify any data errors that may impact funding. The episodes will be returned to you via the secure portal.

We provide all episodes that meet the optimisation criteria to ensure you receive the maximum return on investment.

With five levels of sampling, the coding audit optimisation sampler can identify episodes and their potential uplift as follows:

Coding audit optimisation sample table

If the Mamco team conducts your clinical auditing services, the Optimisation Audit Sampler will be used to select your coding audit optimisation sample!

Coding audit optimisation sampler pricing

  • Monthly: $3,000 plus GST
  • Quarterly: $8,250 plus GST (receive one month free)
  • Yearly: $30,000 plus GST (receive two months free)

Targeted coding audit optimisation sampling and data analysis can also be provided.

Contact us today to discuss how our Optimisation Audit Sampler can assist your audit team. Our team of clinical coding specialists can also provide on-site and remote contract clinical coding for health services across Australia.