Experienced clinical coding auditors maximise data security

Do you know where your hospital data is stored for an external audit?

Is it:

  • Safely in the “cloud” (web server), with encrypted data transfers and using one secure web-based application?


  • Sitting on multiple auditors’ laptops, using unsecure email transfers of hospital data, and multiple unlinked “desktop applications”?

As Health Information Managers and experienced clinical coding auditors, we should know and understand the difference and demand better!

The latter exposes hospital data to anyone, should that laptop be lost or stolen (or left in an Uber!). Once the laptop is gone, so is your hospital data security.

Should this happen during an audit, your audit data is also at risk.

Don’t risk having to repeat an audit – get it right the first time with Mamco’s experienced clinical coding auditors. Contact us to find out more.